June 4, 2021

Look Closely RE

Maecenas tempus

Look closely. The devil is in the details. 


Look Law is all about the details. We followed the details of a rapidly changing digital media landscape and realized two problems. Creative filmmakers, YouTubers, and content creators lack both a scalable monetization model and a detailed plan to execute their vision.

Scalable Monetization 


Big tech and federal regulations control the levers of content creation. They pull those levers by writing legislation, terms of use agreements, and other legal contracts. So when COPPA Rules and YouTube Community guidelines change, countless creators lose their monetization model. 


The good news is that creative entrepreneurs know how to think outside of the box. In this case, creatives need to know the rules of the box before thinking outside of it. This is where Look Law can offer alternative revenue strategies and create sponsor agreements that creatively break out of the box of traditional content monetization. 

The Right Plan


Revenue isn’t everything. As a Law Firm for creative entrepreneurs, we know this. If we were just in it for the money, then we would brand ourselves as a financial services law firm. We want to see the vision for our firm become a reality, and we want to pull our clients’ vision for the future into the present. 


This is our passion.


And every vision needs a detailed plan. Filmmakers need a plan that maps out, forming an entity, securing investors, and lays out a distribution strategy. Syndication funds with big dreams need the detailed script that walks them through their formation, structure, and subscription agreements. 

We are Creating Light


This is unprecedented times. We hear that a lot. We hear how confusing it is, how paralyzing it is. Buy gold, dig a hole and don’t come out till it’s over.  


Look Law doesn’t buy it. 


We are a law firm that refuses to hide in the dark. We are not waiting for someone to tell us it is safe to take risks. We are creating our own light and helping our clients do the same. We chose the iris as our icon because it embodies our commitment to seeing in the dark. To turn on the light and believe in a better future. 


We know the world is facing an uncertain economic and political future. We are all learning how to fight an invisible enemy at home and the job site. COVID 19 safety regulations gave creatives an added layer of red tape to navigate, and swaths of theaters have had to close down or pivot their business model.  


2020 has been rough. 


But there is a better way forward: creative entrepreneurs helping creative entrepreneurs. Look Law pairs an obsession with detail to a love for big picture ideas. We know how to acquire health and business resources to survive and thrive in this economy. And we want to create this innovative light for our clients and the world.